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Brandon Investments Co. founded on the basis of my passion to help and provide solutions for people on a large scale.
We streamline our processes of finding motivated sellers in a rapid time this allows us to be more effective in extending our services to our clients

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Luis Brandon is a dream catcher who is passionate about everything that’s real estate, the processes, the remodels and the satisfaction of completing tasks before deadlines. On a personal level, what he enjoys the most is providing every solution possible to our clients to meet their real estate needs. What would he do even if he didn’t get paid to do it? He'll never stop helping others, especially building rapport and keeping strong relationships. To him doing these things are priceless to him. 


At Brandon Investments Co. we are very honest and trustworthy which allows us to have an awesome work ethic. As a reward, Luis and his team have some of the biggest investors who want to partner with them because of the professionalism and character that we represent.

Luis biggest accomplishment was being able to beat all the odds by establishing a team organically. By doing this he was able to close deals when competitors couldn't. 


Being in business for over 2 years Luis's company is based on more than 80 percent referrals from satisfied clients. Most important to Luis is providing the most excellent service to buyers and sellers in order to earn their trust, referrals, and repeat business.

Clients appreciate his flexibility, low pressure sales, patience, ability to listen and hear what a client wants, negotiation and analytic skills, and his ability to accurately price and market a home.

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Experienced. Knowledgeable. Professional.

The qualified and experienced agents at Brandon Investments Co. understand that real estate isn’t just about prices. We match our clients with properties that fit their lifestyles and their budgets. We offer extensive knowledge backed by consumer research to help guide you through your real estate journey.

Team Members

Luis Brandon

Lead Manager

Justin Isadore

Jermietta Howard 
Aquisition Manager